Edward's mother later contracted the Spanish Influenza and begged the doctor who was taking care of them, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, to do everything within his power to save her son. », « Le truc qui est vraiment bien à propos de lui est qu'il […] fait vraiment sentir qu'il est autrement. When Bella wakes up from her transformation, Edward takes her out on her first hunt so she won't attack Renesmee. During his lone time, he used his mind reading ability to attack the worst people of society, thinking that, as long as he was serving justice, it would not matter that he was feeding on humans. By: LexiBell's33. Dans Tentation, il offre même à Bella un CD avec les chansons qu'il a composées. Edward Anthony Masen was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois; the only child of Edward and Elizabeth Masen. His Life and Death counterpart is Edythe Cullen. She also continues to think of him as part of her family, with her affections seemingly faded. Vampire végétarien, il vit avec ses parents adoptifs (Carlisle Cullen et Esmée Cullen) et ses frères et sœurs. When Bella Swan moves to town, he feels frustrated by his inability to read her thoughts and is forced to listen to everyone else's thoughts about her to find out what he can, and realizes that all of the boys already like her. [5] Edward mentions in Twilight that he likes music from the fifties better than the sixties, and dislikes the seventies entirely and comments that the eighties were "just bearable". L'amour de Bella et sa confiance en la résistance d'Edward sont tels que ses avertissements restent ignorés, même après qu'elle est devenue la cible de trois autres vampires: James, Victoria et Laurent. La réalisatrice de Twilight, chapitre I : Fascination, Catherine Hardwicke, a dit que pour le casting d'Edward : « Tout le monde a une idée si idéalisée d'Edward. Edward fears that the pregnancy will kill her, and, unable to stand the thought, he tries to convince her into having an abortion. Meanwhile, Jacob Black declares his feelings for Bella and forcibly kisses her, trying to convince her to leave Edward for him. Edward Cullen (born Edward Anthony Masen, Jr., on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois) is a telepathic vampire and a founding member of the Olympic coven, as well as a protagonist of the Twilight Saga. Jun 22, 2020 - Twilight (2008) Full Movie in Hindi Part 11 HD 720p Movie Information Movie Name : Twilight Cast: Kristen Strewart, Robbert Pattinson And More. However, after sneaking into her room at night several times to watch her sleep, she says his name and he realizes that he has fallen in love with her. If he did not have telepathy to his aid, Jasper would have easily beaten him. In Twilight, Bella moves to her father's home in Forks, Washington, meets the mysterious Cullen family, and falls in love with Edward Cullen. In New Moon, while Edward thought Bella was dead and went to the Volturi to get himself killed, he considered multiple options to provoke them, including killing in public. He describes himself as the most dangerous predator in the world whereas his appearance, scent and voice are enormously attractive to his prey, so much so that he occasionally sends Bella into a daze entirely by accident. 1. Edward tries to lead James away, but loses his trail. Early on in Twilight, Edward struggled to stay away from Bella in an attempt to protect her, but he eventually convinced himself that his lust for her scent was a budding love for her despite his apprehensions. James, Victoria et Laurent sont des grands chasseurs. Emmett joined their family in 1935 after Rosalie saved him from a bear and Carlisle changed him to save his life. At the end of Breaking Dawn, he has become a much more positive person and fearlessly faces the Volturi.[6]. Two months later, Irina mistakes Renesmee for an immortal child and reports to the Volturi of the crime. The situation, however, doesn't turn violent, and by the end of book there is no longer any hostility between Edward and Jacob. When the stand against the Volturi looks like it is going to turn into a fight, Edward says goodbye to Jacob, referring to him as his "son". He has always thought of himself as the weakest link due to his old background and is often comforted by Edward on this fact. Renesmee, showing the opposite version of his power, can allow people to read her thoughts by touching them, though Edward's telepathy allows him to hear her thoughts from a distance. Il s'ensuit une chasse à l'homme effrénée, où Bella s'enfuit pour sauver son père et sa mère. Aussi, comme les autres vampires, Edward ne dort pas. Avec l'aide de sa famille, Edward parvient à sauver Bella in extremis de la soif de James, mais la question de sa sécurité au sein de la communauté de vampires reste sans réponse. This revelation is delivered to the Quileutes and the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Bella et ce dernier se sont effectivement beaucoup rapprochés en l'absence d'Edward, et ils ne peuvent tirer un trait sur leur histoire d'amitié. Edward always said to Bella that he likes Alice the most because she helped him get over things and was really a lot of fun to be around. Tanya helps Edward get through his problems and convince him to go back to Forks and face his obstacles. Seth also stands with Edward and his family when the Volturi arrive to destroy them. […] Il refuse l'amour de Bella pour lui, mais au même moment, ne peut pas s'en empêcher, car mais a juste besoin de ça, ce qui est un peu l'essentiel du scénario. Her fury is interrupted by Charlie, who demands that Bella comes inside after Jacob turned in her secret motorcycle, and she storms home.[1]. Ses doigts sont souvent décrits comme minces et il est souvent dit qu'il a un sourire en coin éblouissant qui plaît particulièrement à Bella. Face à ce dilemme et très mal à l'aise, elle décide de ne plus approcher Jacob et de se consacrer uniquement à Edward qu'elle aime plus que tout. After the battle, Bella visits Jacob and tells him that she has chosen Edward over him. Edward is only an equally strong opponent to Jasper, due to his ability to read his mind to anticipate his moves. Though Aro is intrigued with Bella's immunity, they think of her as a liability that must be disposed of, until Alice shows them a vision she previously had of Bella becoming one of them in the future, and wins the permission to leave Volterra peacefully. After he mistakenly learns from his sister Rosalie that Bella has committed suicide based on a vision Alice had of Bella cliff diving - which is later explained to be done for recreational purposes - Edward becomes completely broken and attempts to convince a coven of powerful Italian vampires, the Volturi, to kill him, by explaining that he broke one of the most important vampire laws: telling Bella, a human, about the existence of vampires, but Aro, the leader of the Volturi, refuses as he finds his power useful to their collection. That changed, however, when he and his parents became sick with the Spanish Influenza in 1918. Jacob Black is Edward's rival-turned-companion. Edward's family arrive and destroy James, while Edward sucks the venom out of Bella's system to prevent her from turning, though it takes a high level of willpower to keep him from killing her. By changing Bella into a vampire, Edward is able to touch her without worrying about hurting her. Near the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Edward marries Bella in a beautiful ceremony orchestrated by Alice. He is impressed by her ability to resist the smell of human blood, but still irritated by his inability to read her mind. Et même sans ça, "je voulais ce rôle". Jasper's instinctive hunger for Bella's blood reminds Edward of the continual danger their relationship puts her in. « Le plus décevant pour moi, est d'avoir perdu mon parfait Edward », « C'est toujours un défi de trouver le bon acteur pour un personnage qui vit d'une manière si saisissante dans l'imagination des lecteurs mais nous avons pris cette responsabilité très sérieusement et nous sommes sûrs, qu'avec Robert Pattinson, nous avons trouvé le parfait Edward pour notre, « Tout le monde a une idée si idéalisée d'Edward. To keep his mind occupied, he leaves his family up North and tries to hunt Victoria, but loses her trail in somewhere in South America. They find it easier to cope with one another because of their will to protect humans, unlike most vampires. Eventually, he realizes how much he is forcing Bella based on his privilege on the wolves and agrees to tolerate her visits on a few conditions. He can also telepathically experience Alice's visions and keep track of a shape-shifter's telepathic link to his pack when he is within range. The development of Edward Cullen's character was influenced by Gilbert Blythe, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and Edward Rochester―particularly the latter, who, like him, sees himself as a "monster". He is the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen and the adoptive brother of Emmett, Alice, Rosalie and Jasper. ». Edward had a strong attraction to Bella's blood, making it extremely difficult for him to even be in her presence. Though his return made her normal again, Charlie's dislike of him continued, but he came to respect his daughter's choice, even walking her down the aisle to marry Edward. Dans Fascination, Edward explique que comme tous les vampires, il n'a pas besoin de respirer, bien qu'il le fasse par habitude et parce qu'il est utile de sentir ce qui l'entoure. Over time, they have grown into a close relationship as brothers, though Edward finds him annoying at times due to his dark humor. But in the end, he decides to show himself to the humans during sunlight. In New Moon, Carlisle mentions that it was Elizabeth who made up his mind to transform Edward into a vampire, in order to save his life. Mais ça n'a pas vraiment marché. Sa peau est « comme du marbre » - très pâle, froide, et brille au soleil (Bella la décrit comme « flamboyante, comme si des millions de diamants y étaient incrustés »). However, before the battle starts, Jacob overhears Edward and Bella's marriage plans, and threatens to get himself killed because Bella won't love him. Books Twilight. A week later, he returns after some persuasion from Tanya, the leader of the coven in Denali, with his family being extremely protective of him, watching for any signs of danger. Dans Révélation Roman, on apprend qu’il a lié une amitié solide avec Seth Clearwater. Une des passions d'Edward est de collectionner les voitures. Vous savez déjà ce qu'est l'essentiel du scénario. In 1921, Edward gained a mother when Carlisle changed Esme into a vampire to save her life after her suicide attempt. Of all four siblings he shares a connection with, his relationship to Rosalie is never on the best of terms. Angela Weber is Edward's schoolmate when he was living in Forks. At the end of the story, while alone with Edward, Bella removes her shield, allowing him to read her mind for the first time and realizing how much she truly loves him, which brings them even closer. He initially refuses, saying that he could easily lose control in the heat of the moment. Edward se voit comme un monstre, mais après être tombé amoureux de Bella, il s'accepte mieux. Il a aussi un tempérament plutôt colérique. Puis, à l’insu de son groupe, elle se rendit au rendez-vous donné par James, qui retenait sa mère prisonnière, se résignant à la mort. Ses yeux, autrefois vert émeraude, sont maintenant décrits comme doré et quand il est inquiet et soucieux ses yeux se transforment et deviennent noirs profond, ils sont encadrés d'épais cils noirs. It was Carlisle who first realized Edward's telepathic abilities; he noticed Edward answering questions that Carlisle had not asked aloud. Alice Cullen is Edward's youngest adoptive sister, of whom Edward is very fond, because she is fun to be around and is most understanding. He feels very protective of her, trying desperately to rationalize his feelings of lust over her overwhelmingly attractive scent. Alice immediately has a vision of his death, and she and Bella rush to Italy to stop him before he fulfills his plans. Originally, there was no interaction between Edward and Seth. Esme Cullen is Edward's adoptive mother. He never comments on the music from his own teen years, as well as the twenties swing music which came a few years after his turning. Edward Anthony Masen was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois; the only child of Edward and Elizabeth Masen. Comme à chaque moment, même quand il fait des choses héroïques, il pense toujours qu'il est […] la créature du mal la plus ridiculement égoïste. La pièce était pleine de courts circuits, le ciel s'est ouvert, et je me suis dit "Ça va être bien" ». He is the one who delivers Renesmee during Bella's life-threatening labor. Il expliqua que : « C'était ce que j'aimais à propos [d'accepter] le rôle, parce que ce type n'existait pas vraiment, donc vous pouvez juste créer ce que vous voulez. Rosalie maintains a deep irritation by the fact that Edward never showed any romantic interest in her, but she remains loyal to him as a sister. Edward explains that he is reluctant to change Bella into a vampire because he believes that vampires are soulless creatures who have no place in heaven. When Bella tells Jacob that she had chosen Edward, Jacob's hatred for Edward reaches its peak while Edward regrets the pain that Jacob is in. Abilities A few years later, he regretted this decision and returned to Carlisle's family and their diet of animal blood in 1931. what is edwards middle name? Edward did have a rebellious period at the beginning of his vampire life and left Carlisle and Esme in 1927. Il a acheté une moto pour rouler avec Bella (Ducati 848), mais la donna à Jasper après avoir réalisé que rouler à moto était un hobby qu'elle aimait partager avec Jacob. Comme à chaque moment, même quand il fait des choses héroïques, il pense toujours qu'il est […] la créature du mal la plus ridiculement égoïste. His father provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his father were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. Et quand vous lisez le livre, vous pensez "Qui sur cette planète peut faire vivre cette description ?" She was changed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen after he found her near death in the street. He also compares his family's "vegetarian" diet to a human only eating tofu, as it gives them the same strength as human blood but never fully satisfies them. » Meyer a approuvé : « Si Robert pouvait écrire une berceuse, cela ajouterait définitivement aux mystères du film, n'est-ce pas ? This absence was made up for by his rela… For Edward, Bella is the center of his existence. Familymembers Il n'y a que très peu d'acteurs qui peuvent avoir l'air d'être dangereux et magnifique au même moment, et encore moins ceux que je peux représenter comme Edward dans ma tête. When the Cullens and Edward left in New Moon, Jasper felt saddened from reading the emotions coming off Edward and how lonely and heartbroken he was without Bella. He surprises Bella in an early car ride by having Debussy in his CD player. He successfully avoids contact with Bella at school for nearly two months. When the wolves and the Cullens agreed to join together to fight Victoria's army, Seth and Edward ended up fighting side-by-side against Victoria and Riley. After Esme joined their family, he left on his own and fed on humans, but a few years later, he developed guilt over his murders and returned to Carlisle and Esme. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward.") In the movie adaptation of Twilight, he introduces Esme to Bella as his mother "for all intents and purposes". In Twilight, they only interact at the end, though they are already unpleasant towards each other. Bella describes him as "an angel that is unfortunate to be so unhappy that he cries tearless broken sobs". Il lit uniquement les œuvres intéressantes, et voit les films les plus intéressants, et est vraiment introspectif et plonge dans son existence. This is what prompts her to willingly testify for his family and protect his daughter, Renesmee. Finding himself unable to face Bella without putting her at risk, Edward prepares to leave Forks again. After a short period of time, Bella becomes very sick, and realizes that she is pregnant when she discovers a box of unused tampons. Bella, terrifiée devant son prédateur, écoute la raison de cette rancœur envers elle et les Cullen, et découvre qu'il en veut à Alice, la seule proie qui lui ait échappée. Pattinson a révélé que Stephenie Meyer lui a donné une copie d'un travail précoce de Midnight Sun - racontant les événements de Fascination du point de vue d'Edward. He is also relieved by the renewed peace between the wolves and his family, and more importantly, the arrival of their half-human daughter; but incredibly irritated by Jacob's imprinting on her. While Bella is human, he has to constantly keep himself in control to protect her, for even a simple touch he could kill her. She answers all of his questions in different ways than he thought she would, mostly because he cannot read her thoughts. The only thing kept them from killing each other was the treaty that Carlisle made with Jacob's ancestor decades ago. Bella maîtrise son pouvoir et apprend à baisser le bouclier qui protège ses pensées et en fait la surprise à Edward, qui arrive à lire dans ses pensées, ce qu'elle ne trouve pas désagréable dans un certain sens, car elle peut décider elle-même le moment où il peut les lire. He eventually learns to accept that Jacob is made for his daughter. After they return to Forks, Edward takes Bella to their prom, much to her dismay. When the Volturi finally arrive, the confrontation comes close to a fight. Through Jacob's thoughts, he learns that he had imprinted on his daughter. After nearly dying from the Spanish influenza in 1918 in Chicago, Edward was turned into a vampire by Carlisle, as the only alternative to death. This hatred was also due to the fact that they both developed romantic feelings for Bella. À plusieurs passages dans la série, elle le compare au dieu Grec mythique Apollon ou au mortel Adonis. The Cullens and the Quileute werewolves, meanwhile, destroy her newborn army. Family information Ses cheveux, qui sont toujours désordonnés, sont brun-roux avec des reflets cuivrés (et bronze foncé lorsqu'ils sont mouillés) inhabituels dont il a hérité dans sa vie humaine de sa mère biologique. Edward takes a special liking of Angela for her naturally good heart and kindness toward Bella, and considers her a friend worth having. Initially, they faked themselves as siblings. This trait was carried on to his transformation, and as a result he has a liking to composing something that comes passionately. During Bella's painful transformation, Jacob goes crazy with rage when he thinks she is dead. Mais Laurent quitte le clan de James et il les prévient que ses deux anciens complices sont plus forts et malins qu'on peut le croire. Repulsed by the idea of ending Bella's life, Edward is determined to keep his distance. Bella Swan is Edward's wife. Pattinson a eu l'occasion de soumettre une composition pour cette scène, avec Hardwicke disant : « Je lui ai dit qu'il devrait en écrire une, et voir si on peut le faire marcher, parce que ça serait bien si c'était la berceuse de Rob. As much as he loved her, Edward was averse to changing Bella into a vampire, despite her strong desire to become one, because of his belief that vampires are soulless creatures. For this reason Edward sees himself as selfish, knowing that he should stay away from Bella for her safety, but not being able to bring himself to do it. Bella and Edward marry in the beginning of Breaking Dawn, and Edward later changes her into a vampire with venom straight to the heart to keep her from dying from childbirth. Edward and Bella are extremely annoyed by Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee, but they later accept that it was involuntary. », « une histoire d'amour emblématique pour toute une génération », https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edward_Cullen&oldid=175624709, Personnage de fiction possédant une force surhumaine, Personnage de fiction pouvant se déplacer à une vitesse surhumaine, Article utilisant l'infobox Personnage (fiction), Portail:Fantasy et fantastique/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, Lit dans les pensées, très rapide, peau glaciale, prunelles or/noir, très beau et très puissant. Il est cependant prêt à tout pour cette dernière, même à la laisser si tel est son désir. Il tombe en adoration de sa fille dès le premier contact. This causes the Volturi to rethink their position. Charlie Swan is Edward's father-in-law. Suivant une visite sur le tournage en avril 2008, Meyer a déclaré que Pattinson et Stewart ont développé une si bonne alchimie qu'elle « peut causer de l'hyperventilation ». He also seems content that Renesmee has inherited Bella's human eyes, which he comments as "beautiful". He also did two songs in the Twilight movie, called: Never Think, and Let Me Sign. He is portrayed by Robert Pattinson in the movie adaptations. Created by Edward becomes furious at the thought of Bella losing her humanity in order to be with him, but later agrees to change her himself if she agrees to marry him first. They are also given a cottage renovated by Esme as a present. Since Jasper is not used to their lifestyle, he often has a hard time being around humans, and Edward and Alice are always by his side to help him maintain control, by reading his mind and predicting his moves. Alias He also gave his sister Alice a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo as a gift in Eclipse. Carlisle acted on her wishes when Edward was near death himself. Il possède une Volvo S60 (Volvo C30 T5 dans le film) et une Aston Martin V12 Vanquish comme une « voiture pour événements ». Edward stands at 6'2", and has a thin and lanky but muscular body, remaining frozen physically at 17 years old, though he is technically over a hundred. The discussion comes to a new direction when Alice reveals two visions: either Bella joins their family or she dies as a human. La pièce était pleine de courts circuits, le ciel s'est ouvert, et je me suis dit "Ça va être bien" », « Je n'avais pas d'idée de la façon de jouer le rôle quand je suis entré, et c'était une bonne chose de ne rien attendre durant l'audition. As a human, he learned to play the piano and became a very well-playing pianist. Seth Clearwater is one of the youngest wolves of the Quileute wolf packs. Bella explique à Edward qu'elle sait qu'il est vampire, et bien que son physique le désigne comme un jeune homme de 17 ans, il est né cent ans plus tôt (le 20 juin 1901). Edward is usually described as brooding and stubborn, but also very kind and compassionate. Aro is intrigued by Edward's power because he can read people's thoughts from a distance and what is going through their mind at that moment, and wishes to make him part of the Volturi guard. Est-ce qu'elle a écrit ça pour Rob ?" He realizes that what grows inside Bella needs to be killed. Eye color Dans l'intention de la protéger, il la convainc qu'elle serait mieux sans lui et déménage avec sa famille, la laissant le cœur brisé. Peut-être une conséquence d'un talent d'empathie dans sa vie humaine, Edward peut aussi lire les pensées de chacun dans un périmètre de quelques kilomètres ; Bella est la seule exception à cette règle, car elle a le pouvoir d'être un « Bouclier » : elle peut se protéger et/ou protéger les autres, mais elle ne le découvre que dans le tome 4 après sa transformation. » Une scène dans l'histoire montre Edward, un pianiste doué, composant une berceuse pour Bella. Vampire He is the adoptive brother of Emmett and Alice Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They grew closer to each other after he was introduced to the supernatural world, now being able to see Edward, Bella, and Renesmee more often. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (né Edward Anthony Masen, Jr.) est un personnage de fiction de la saga Twilight de Stephenie Meyer. As a vampire, he has sharp senses, superhuman strength, speed, endurance, healing factor, and agility. » Dans la préparation de son rôle, Pattinson a écrit dans un journal intime comme Edward et s'est éloigné de sa famille et de ses amis, expliquant qu'il « voulait ressentir l'isolement d'Edward ». He moves away with his family, leaving her heartbroken and depressed, as if her life as she knew it ceased to exist. Et quand vous lisez le livre, vous pensez "Qui sur cette planète peut faire vivre cette description ?" Even though he gets to know her better, he is constantly frustrated by his inability to read her thoughts. While discussing the matter with his family, Rosalie and Jasper contemplate killing Bella to keep their family safe, which Edward repels with defiance. Son apparence change s'il ne se nourrit pas pendant un long moment : Des ecchymoses violettes apparaissent sous ses yeux. Although he finds it annoying to nickname his daughter "Nessie", he begins to adjust to it after hearing it in everyone's thoughts. They were initially outnumbered, but the rest of their family come to their aid in seconds, and then the Black pack. In The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Riley Biers tells the army about a coven of yellow-eyed vampires who plan to attack them and reclaim Seattle for themselves, and also mentions some of them having powers. However, as stunningly beautiful as Rosalie was, Edward could not stand her shallow and self-absorbed mind, and the two became nothing more than siblings, and weren't always on good terms. Bella soon receives a phone call from Alice, and asks to speak to Carlisle. He finds hurting her inexcusable, because she is always generous, tender and soft. Elle cherche donc, par tous les moyens qu'elle trouve, à se mettre en danger pour l'entendre le plus souvent possible. When Alice left with Jasper in Breaking Dawn, he is pained by her decision but decides to respect her choice. Edward doesn't give up so easily, going as far as to ask Jacob if he would conceive a child with Bella. He also finds her interesting due to his inability to read her mind, and often surprises him with actions and thoughts that never quite go the way he expects. [4] Edward puts his free time to great use. He changed Edward into a vampire in 1918 during the second wave of the Spanish influenza, after the passing of his both parents. Renee has accepted the fact that he and Bella will be a package, and wholeheartedly supports their teen marriage and attends their wedding. Choqué par cette nouvelle, Edward ramène d'urgence Bella chez lui pour prendre l'avis de Carlisle. Mais ça n'a pas vraiment marché. Face à cette menace, une trêve est passée et difficilement maintenue entre la famille Cullen et les loups de la réserve Quileute pour éviter l'extermination. During Bella's transformation, Edward sits patiently by her side, waiting for her to recover. Edward is the fastest vampire in the Cullen family. After Jacob unintentionally imprints on his newborn daughter, Renesmee, his hatred for Edward disappears, but Edward develops hatred and irritation for this incident. He vows not to do so again while she is still human, but eventually gives in and is glad to know that he has managed to avoid bruising Bella again. Ce dernier, après avoir vaincu Victoria et avoir pris conscience des efforts de Bella pour satisfaire tout le monde, consent à lui faire l'amour sans lui poser de condition. Elle crée ainsi une armée de nouveau-nés pour anéantir l'ensemble de la famille Cullen. Edward steps into the sun to make a scene. He mentions in Twilight that he can use it to dismiss people who feel attraction toward him and his family. Affiliation His dislike grew into hatred when Edward and his family left Forks, inducing in Bella in an emotional depression that lasted for half a year. She especially enjoys hearing Edward play the piano. Another reason to why they are so close is because he can understand her burdens of constantly having visions of the future. Dans Tentation, les peurs d'Edward pour la sécurité de Bella s'intensifient lorsqu'elle est presque attaquée par son frère, Jasper, quand un bout de papier la coupe très légèrement au doigt. Edward even shows extreme concern for Jacob’s well-being, shown by his reaction when Jacob is injured by a newborn vampire, although this is only because he knows Jacob’s pain would affect Bella. Already vampires, Jasper and Alice sought out and found the Cullens in 1950, and adopted themselves into the family after both escaping their tragic pasts. After learning from half-vampire Nahuel that Renesmee will reach full maturity at the age of seven, his initial worry of his daughter's growth disappears. Edward was still young enough to appreciate a mother's care, and Esme gave it to him. Edward devient fou d'inquiétude quand il se rend compte de la rapide croissance du fœtus et commence à affecter sérieusement la santé de Bella en la rendant toute maigre. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Ils se disent « végétariens ». Gender Elle reprend contact avec le monde réel grâce à Jacob Black et découvre parallèlement qu'à chaque fois qu'elle est en danger, la voix d'Edward résonne dans sa tête. Edward finds her thoughts very childish, but notes that she has a clear view about the world. During her birthday party Bella accidentally gets a paper cut while unwrapping a present, and Edward's brother, Jasper, attacks her, although members of the Cullen family hold him back while Edward knocks Bella behind him in an attempt to get her away from Jasper. She expressed an interest in Edward when they first met, but he turned her down politely.