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Barry Alexander King is an English/Irish Singer Songwriter who was born in Lincolnshire UK. He began his musical career in the 90’s playing in various bands and touring around the UK and later Germany and Southern Europe.

He eventually settled in Germany and over a period of 10 years got involved in two bands writing and playing their own original material. The latter band Piping Toms who had a small following, released an album titled „Voyeurythm“ in 2002 which had a moderate success in Germany. As of 2004 the band took an indefinite hiatus so Barry continued to write and perform solo over the following years.

In 2017 he began sorting through songs he had written over the previous 4 years which culminated in the recording and producing of his first solo album „Leave It All Behind“.

The album was recorded in the USA, UK and Germany and co-produced by top guitarist Justin Lewis and Grammy award winning producer/engineer Tony Daigle (BB.King, Mark Knopfler) in Lafayette, Louisiana.

For social and multimedia as well as co-writing responsibilities Barry was also able to secure the services of Eric M.C. Schwaab one of Frankfurt‘s top publishers.

The album of 12 Pop/Rock songs has just been released and is already making an impact especially in Barry’s second home of Malaysia and Asia where Pop Rock and Adult Contemporary are still very popular.