Heartbreak World

Singer Songwriter Barry Alexander King is back with his latest work „Break Down The Borders“

This follow up to his 2019 Album „Leave It All Behind“ continue’s with Barry’s trusted poprock format recorded & produced together with his US & UK Teams but has evolved into a much more modern sounding record.  Lyrically the album explores much more intricate themes compared to it`s predecesor. The title track really strikes a chord in the fact that although we are all so racially, religiously & politically different,  we are however in fact all prisoners on a very small planet. The song urges us to somehow accept these differences, but also wants us all to bury the hatchet and get along even if it is just a peaceful co-existence. The opening track co-written with his label partner bavariarecords „I Don’t Want You Anymore“ starts off with a bang and has elements of ELO. Track 3 „Strange World“ examines the paranoia of data protection and on track 4 „We Went To The Moon“ Barry also has an ironic dig at the conspiracy theorists.

Generally speaking soundwise the whole album has a space/universal vibe and songs to match.

A worthy follow up and well worth a listen!


Barry Alexander King is an English/Irish Singer Songwriter who was born in Lincolnshire UK. He began his musical career in the 90’s playing in various bands and touring around the UK…

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„Barry Alexander King has delivered an album full of top-quality songwriting, hooks, lyrics, and production. Meaningful lyrics wrapped in entertaining music“. UbuntuFM