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Barry Alexander King is an English/Irish Singer Songwriter born in Waddington Lincolnshire UK He began his musical career in the 1980’s were he sang and performed in college concerts and played in his first local bands. In 1984 he received an offer to sing in a local Lincoln band originally called “Old Man Morris”. The offer and prospect of playing and travelling with a working cover band was an interesting prospect so very soon Barry was touring the UK with what had now become a four piece band renamed “Fourplay”. After touring around the UK for a year the band got an offer to tour Germany and they jumped at the chance. The next two years saw the band travel all over Germany as well as parts of southern Europe where they played to a predominantly American forces crowd. Eventually the band to split with the rest of the band returning to the UK or USA respectively.

Barry decided to stay in Germany and try his luck and started playing as a one man show in piano bars and got involved in a band called “The World” which after promising beginnings disbanded. By 1995 Barry had had enough of playing covers in piano bars and decided to take a break and pursue other business interests while quietly continuing to write original material. In 1998 together with his musical partner he formed the band “Piping Toms” with various other musicians and began performing in various local clubs in Germany which culminated

with them releasing the album “Voyuerythm” in 2002 (Label: Bellaphon / Silbersack). Other than managing to sell the CD’s at live concerts the album remained relatively unsuccessful and they were dropped by the Label in 2004. By this time the band decided to take an unspecified break without making any plans to return.

Between 2004 and 2011 Barry then concentrated on his other business ventures, wrote some more songs which he never released, met his wife and settled down. Around the end of 2012 Barry and his former partner discussed the possibility of reforming to write and record a new album. They began writing material and as of 2016 enough songs were ready for recording however his partner’s work/business related interest prevented any possible recording and production. As of October 2017 the album project with unrecorded songs was put on ice indefinitely. Barry had written enough songs over the years so he decided to continue as a solo artist and his debut album is scheduled for release in January 2019. The pop rock style album includes 12 songs which were recorded and produced in Lafayette LA, USA, Norfolk UK and Frankfurt Germany using different musicians and co-produced by Justin Lewis and Tony Daigle. Barry also formed a partnership with bavariarecords, Germany, with executive producer, writer and multi-media expert Eric M.C. Schwaab.